The 10 Minute Blueprint Affiliate Programme

How do I become an affiliate?
Just click on the link and fill in your details, the rest is taken care for you

How much commission do I make?
20% commission on any sale that results from someone coming to the via your affiliate link.

What is the Tier 2 commission?
It’s 10%. When someone signs up through you to also be an affiliate, you’ll make 10% commission off of all their sales. As this is not MLM, you don’t receive commissions on affiliates who sign up under your affiliates.

How do I get paid?
When you sign up, you can choose to receive checks via snail mail or PayPal payments. (You can change your mind later).

When do I get paid?
You’ll get paid month. If you make less than £75 in a given month, you’ll get paid when you earn £75 or more.

Do I get paid on every sale?
You will get commission on all sales that go past the 30 day money back guarantee. You will not get commission if someone purchases the 10minuteblueprint and within the 30 day money back period they request a refund. That is why we wait 30 days from a purchase to action a commission.

How long does my affiliate link last?
When someone uses your unique link, it plants a cookie in their browser which tracks all purchases to you. Even if they come back months later to make a purchase, their browser remembers that they originally came to through you and you’ll get a commission off their order.

This cookie expires after 365 days, or until your client clears their cookies in their browser. (Most people clear their cache every 4-6 months.)

Note: all this is tracked in your client’s browser, on whichever computer or device they click the link. The affiliation is not tracked in our customer database.

Do I get 20% commission on my own purchases?
No, sorry. If you click on your own affiliate link to purchase products it is actually considered affiliate fraud and is grounds for being removed from the programme, so please do not do it.


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